Ticket system efficiency: feedback from employees

A ticket system is a powerful tool for optimizing the customer support process. One of the key benefits of this system is the reduction in the number of phone calls to the support service due to the accessibility and convenience it provides to customers.

The main advantages of the ticket system:

  • Independent access of customers: The ticket system allows customers to create and track their tickets independently through a web portal or mobile application. This makes the process of submitting questions and resolving issues more efficient and convenient for customers.
  • Tracking and control: Each ticket has a unique number and status that customers can check in real time. This allows them to keep track of what stage their issue is at and how much time is left until completion. Customers get full control over the process and the ability to plan their actions based on the information about the ticket.
  • Fewer phone calls: By providing customers with access to information and the ability to interact with support directly through the ticketing system, the need for phone calls is significantly reduced. This makes the service process more powerful and faster, freeing up support resources to address more complex issues.
  • Improving the efficiency of the support service: Reducing phone calls allows the support team to focus on solving problems in an efficient manner. This can include developing automated answers to frequently asked questions, analyzing previous tickets to identify patterns, and implementing new problem-solving techniques.



According to a survey conducted by one of our clients among their employees, 57.9% of respondents noted a decrease in the number of phone calls after the first month of implementing the ticket system. This demonstrates a concrete positive impact of the system on supporting internal information exchange, emphasizing its importance in improving communication processes and reducing the workload of the support team. These statistics emphasize the success and real benefits of using the ticket system in the organization's work.

Statistics of employee responses


A ticketing system plays a key role in improving the interaction between customers and the support team by reducing the number of phone calls through accessibility, tracking, and control, leading to an increase in overall customer service efficiency.