all customers
all employees
in one system!

for you and your team

Connect all communication channels to the ticket system

Avoid dissatisfied customers and bad reviews

Email or any other sources of customer feedback
social media
All requests from Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook - in one system
Monitor the work of your employees in real time
No one client will be left without a timely response!
Don't miss a single request from your customers!

Use a unified approach to reviewing customer requests and monitoring the team's performance of current tasks

Increase the productivity of your employees
  • Create templates for answering common customer questions to handle typical requests in minutes
  • Create an internal knowledge base available to your operators right in the system
  • Store the history of all requests in the customer's card for a better understanding of the interaction process
  • Save employees from unnecessary manual work with ready-made templates
Communication with customers is always under control
  • Combine requests from different channels into one stream from where they are processed by a free manager
  • Capture all changes that occur through application auditing
  • Notify your manager if the SLA (response time) expires or if a queue forms at the entrance
  • Create departments and tickets will be distributed among the responsible employees of each department
All customers will receive a response on time and be satisfied
  • Don't lose customers because all requests are recorded and have a limited response time (SLA)
  • Get detailed statistics for each communication channel
  • Don't lose customers, because now no appeal will be lost
  • Monitor the workload of your service desk in real time
  • Statistics on the number of requests processed: Allows you to monitor the number of requests processed by each employee and department, providing a complete overview of performance and helping to respond in time to changes in workload.
  • Time of response to a request: Our system allows you to clearly set and monitor the response time of a request in accordance with established SLAs, ensuring high quality of service.
  • Load monitoring: We provide the means to monitor the load on your help desk in real-time so that you can efficiently allocate resources and respond to increased call volumes.
  • Quality of service: You can track the average service rating customers give after closing a ticket and use this information to evaluate the performance of each employee.
Distribution of requests and processing of responses in the company's internal departments
  • Collecting appeals: the company can receive appeals from customers, partners, or employees via email, phone, chat, or feedback forms on the company's website
  • Classification of appeals: appeals can be classified according to their subject matter, priority and complexity of resolution
  • Distribution of requests: requests can be distributed among relevant departments or employees
  • Processing of requests: depending on the complexity of the request, employees can search for answers in the knowledge base, contact colleagues for additional information, or do their own research

HelpDeskStar is not only suitable for processing customer requests, but also effectively functions as a task manager, which makes it easier for you to control and coordinate all internal company tasks in one place. Thanks to the ticket system, you can use a modern approach to task management: effectively prioritize, distribute tasks among teams, and monitor their implementation. Improve work processes, increase productivity, and ensure a high level of task coordination with HelpDeskStar.

The main features include:

  • Task control: Get a complete overview of all tasks that need attention in a user-friendly interface.
  • Task distribution: Easily assign tasks to team members and monitor their progress.
  • Priorities and deadlines: Set deadlines and priorities to better manage time and resources.
  • Notifications:  Get real-time notifications of task changes and important events.

With HelpDeskStar, your team will be able to work in a more organized and efficient manner, ensuring that all tasks are completed successfully.

Full automation of business processes for the organization

Business process automation – is the use of information technology to track and manage all the processes that take place in an organization. It involves collecting and analyzing data, tracking tasks and interactions between departments, and storing documentation and all information in one information center to help reduce potential errors and improve efficiency. This will allow organizations to accomplish more tasks in less time, conserve resources, and reduce costs.

Full automation affects all aspects of the organization, including sales, relationship, customer service, finance, and planning and analysis departments, and helps to solve problems related to potential errors and preserve information that may be missing as a result of manual data entry.

You get a full-fledged sales tool that will allow you to fully automate the entire sales process from advertising to the receipt of goods by the buyer. The main goal and purpose is to reduce human resources and increase the quality of service delivery.

Who the system is for?
For businesses that are in active contact with customers
For online stores
For services
For the service sector
For government organizations
For the administrative services center

Reduce the negativity, associated with the problem of responding to all customer requests, reduce customer churn, яassociated with excessive workload of managers or sales department

In addition, we have developed many useful features
Access to the ticketing system from mobile devices
Saving the history of all requests
Logging of actions for each request
Monitoring the workload of employees
Detailed statistics of communication channels operation
ai telegram
Telegram bot for each department
ai whatsapp
WhatsApp bot for each department
ai viber
Viber account for each department
Knowledge base for creating response templates
Setting up user rights for each department
Customer base and organization management
Automatic responses to requests
Freezing / automatic opening of the request
Personalization of the system interface
Setting the expiration date for each request
Consolidation of requests
Email notification of employees about changes in the request
Ability to create incoming and outgoing document numbers
Personalized filters
Group actions with requests

And more than 100 more useful features for your convenience

Forget about standard templates!

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, HelpDeskStar is able to generate unique responses based on templates from your knowledge base.

AI learns the context and structure of the template, ensuring that the content of the response is preserved, personalizing each message to customers. This facilitates the service process and allows you to respond to your customers' queries faster and more efficiently in a more personalized way.

Packages and prices
Small business
from 5 - 50 persons
(per employee/month)
Medium business
from 51 - 100 persons
(per employee/month)
Big business
from 101 - 150 persons
(per employee/month)
from 150 - and more
Individual cost
Individual cost
Additional services that are calculated separately:

Integrations with other services

Data transfer

Data transfer


Sync settings

Two-factor identification

Two-factor identification

Webhook API

Webhook API

Custom API

Custom API

Reviews of our customers
  • We integrate with any API services, an individual assessment is performed according to your requirements
  • We customize the system for your specific work and organization: creating departments, access rights, setting up incoming channels, implementing and training your employees to work with the system, and much more
  • The price for implementing and configuring the system is individual, as it depends on many features: the need to transfer information from existing accounting systems, integration with various services, the specifics of the company's work, and the number of employees.
You want your support team to work as efficiently as possible
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Helpdeskstar — your assistant for effective work

Development, design, or even repair — every profit-making industry requires multitasking and strict adherence to deadlines. It's not easy to control the execution of each individual task, especially when there are many employees. Establishing effective cooperation of a large team requires considerable effort and time. An automated ticketing system can help you simplify and speed up the process. It will come in handy if you need to provide:

  • processing of customer requests;

  • collective processing of requests;

  • processing of incoming requests

  • reducing the workload on the sales department;

  • the workload of your customer support team;

  • teamwork with an email system;

  • control and accounting of working hours;

  • electronic document management.

In addition to these features, you will also be able to process:

  • appeal on Instagram;

  • appeal on Facebook;

  • appeal on corporate e-mail;

  • appeal on Viber;

  • appeal on Telegram;

  • appeal on WhatsApp.

Integration of the ticket system with task distribution functions will allow you to control the execution of work at all stages, as well as delegate certain tasks to other employees if necessary. Thus, implementing a ticketing system will improve your business: the team will work more efficiently and the company will be able to increase its profits.

How Helpdeskstar works

HelpDeskStar is a modern and easy-to-use ticket system that is similar to Helpdeskeddy, but with a wider range of features. The product was created by Ukrainian specialists, developers of the Glyanec web studio.

It is a versatile tool designed to meet the needs of modern entrepreneurs who want to free up resources for more productive business. Our product offers flexible solutions for optimizing teamwork and processing requests. It will help you optimize your company's management and operational processes, simplify and improve communication with employees and customers.

Helpdeskeddy is a customer support system designed to manage customer requests and solve their problems. The Helpdesk system allows companies to interact effectively with their customers, providing a quick response to their queries and problems.

The main functions of Helpdeskeddy include: 

  • creating and managing tickets;

  • assignment and distribution of tickets;

  • ticket classification;

  • managing deadlines;

  • saving communication history;

  • analytics and reporting;

Helpdeskeddy is a customer support tool that helps businesses interact better with their customers by ensuring effective communication and fast processing of requests.

Helpdeskstar is:

  • a ticket system for business;

  • a ticket system for government agencies and organizations;

  • a ticketing system for online stores;

  • a ticket system for the administrative services center

  • a ticket system for the service industry;

  • a ticket system for services.

Thanks to its wide range of features and capabilities, this system is a universal solution for all types of businesses. It is flexible and adaptive, and can be integrated into any corporate environment. The combination of experience and the desire to create a unique product allowed our specialists to develop a truly effective tool that helps companies increase their profits.

Our professional team provides clients with comprehensive support in the process of data transfer from helpdesk systems, such as: Helpdeskeddy, Odesk, Jivo, Carrot quest, Callibri, Envybox, Chat2desk and similar services such as Jira, Confluence, Trello, Slack. We take all possible measures to prevent information loss and ensure compliance with data security requirements. We guarantee that all automated processes in your company will be implemented and customized according to your needs and requirements.

Increase team productivity with a user-friendly interface

With Helpdeskstar, you can create templates for customer responses and implement an internal company knowledge system. All information about customer requests is stored in their personalized card, so you will always have the maximum amount of information to provide your customer with quality service.

Automated ticket processing

Creating and distributing tickets among company specialists takes a lot of time, but with our ticket system you will avoid this problem. Using Helpdeskstar, it is convenient to distribute tickets in one workspace. To simplify this procedure, you can integrate departments into the system: each department will automatically receive its own group of tickets.

High degree of control

Large companies often have a hard time tracking the performance of each employee, which leads to missed opportunities. With Helpdeskstar analytics, you'll have all the information you need about the productivity of all team members.

The system provides detailed statistics on each individual communication channel. Thus, you can eliminate the possibility that a customer's request will remain unanswered. Thanks to Helpdeskstar, you can process quickly and efficiently:

  • appeal on Instagram;

    appeal on Facebook;

    appeal on corporate e-mail;

    appeal on Viber;

    appeal on Telegram;

    appeal on WhatsApp.

In our ticketing system, you can set a fixed time for receiving a response to an appeal, which minimizes the loss of customers and allows you to provide them with quick feedback.


Why choose Helpdeskstar?

After implementing Helpdeskstar, you'll be able to fully manage your workflow, issue tasks to your employees, and track deadlines. Our ticketing system will help you avoid the problem of lost information or lost requests, as everything you need for productive work will always be at hand.

If you are interested in a modern solution for the corporate space, a ticketing system for business from the specialists of Glyanec Studio is the best choice!

You can order the Helpdeskstar ticketing system and maximize the efficiency of your company by leaving a request on our website. You can also use the online chat window to learn more about Helpdeskstar.